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Fall wedding countdown

Our busy wedding season is ramping up so we’re taking a closer look at the wedding trends, colors, and themes we can expect to enjoy at the resort this fall! Check out some of our favorite fall wedding trends we hope to see our brides and grooms incorporate in the upcoming months.


  • As the leaves fall, so does the brightness on colors for dresses and accents. We tend to see plum and emerald colors emerge compared to the lilac and reds we see in the spring and summer.
  • Metallics – Metallic hues have been popular this year, from the soft and whimsical rose gold to sparkly gold to add a flash of color to the tabletops, and there’s no hint that this trend is going out the window for fall receptions. Metallic colors can also be an excellent accent for any color palette.
  • Earthy for flowers – While spring and summer weddings favor bright and vibrant floral arrangements, fall’s flowers tend to have subdued tones. Of course it’s best to buy flowers that are in season not only to get fresh flowers but to reduce the price tag on your arrangements. Some flowers we expect to see in bouquets this fall include: Sunflowers, orange and peach roses, gerbera, freesia, peonies, and snapdragons.
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  • Boho brides – Riding off of 2015’s trend of rustic chic, we’ll still expect to see boho-styled dresses and off-the-shoulder gowns.
  • Runway to aisle – Brides have also been opting for new styles and showing their individual flair for fashion with their gown.
  • Mismatched bridesmaids – This trend has grown in the past few years and many brides are happy to let bridesmaids find their own dress that flatters their body but keeping some consistency with the color.


  • Nonconventional Space – Many wedding couples have chosen a unique location to hold their ceremony, from a picturesque knoll to a woodsy backdrop. Elkins Resort has multiple locations to highlight the couple of the day.
  • Wedding weekends – For couples planning destination weddings or weddings near a hometown that require travel they’re looking into making a weekend out of it with activities or events for everyone on the guest list.
  • Participating pets – Another fun trend we’ve seen on the rise and hoping to see this fall is the use of pets in the ceremony acting as a ring bearer. Pets have walked the aisle on the front lawn and beach numerous times.
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  • Cakes with a story – Cake designs today really take the cake. With the ability to print your love story right on the icing or buy personalized and meaningful cake toppers, today’s cakes are more about representing the couple than showcasing the beautiful fondant flowers.
  • Desserts galore – Another trend we don’t anticipate going anywhere is the use of dessert bars or tables instead of serving cake for the guests. Many couples are getting a smaller cake for them and then having other sweet treats like candy, brownies, and mini cupcakes for their guests.
  • Diverse options – Not a lot of invitations have the standard “chicken or fish” option as couples want to serve food they enjoy or bringing comfort food and small plates to the reception versus a formal sit-down dinner. Elkins Resort’s extensive menu choices allow you to create a menu that fits your tastes and budget.
  • Close-quarter seating – Couples are moving away from standard seating options and putting tables closer together or opting for longer tables to get more guests seated.
  • Maximized space – Your venue is only so big so many brides and grooms are optioning to build up with centerpieces and vertical fixtures around the table to tie the theme together and enhance the space.
  • Rehearse the Macarena – with millennials getting hitched and sliding out on the dance floor, expect some ‘90s tunes on the playlist. You’ll want to dance to keep warm with the cooler temperatures anyway.

Dreaming of the perfect fall wedding? It all starts with the venue so we invite you to view our wedding services and space to see if your big day could be spent at Elkins Resort!  Also, keep in mind Elkins Resort hosts weddings throughout the winter and spring.