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Your Checklist for Kayaking in Priest Lake This Fall

As summer comes to a close in September, autumn in Priest Lake starts to bloom. Fall foliage can be seen all around the area and cooler weather makes it perfect to explore the beautiful nature, especially on the water. Kayaking on Priest Lake is a great way to surround yourself with the vast forestlands lining the mountains all while traveling along the glassy waters. The summer crowds are also gone, making it a more serene journey through the 25-mile-long lake. Pack up your paddle and get ready for some fun out on Priest Lake!

Acquiring Your Kayak

If you traveled to Priest Lake with your kayak in tow, you’re already halfway there for the perfect kayaking excursion! If you’re looking to secure a kayak rental for your trip, we’re here to help. Elkins Resort offers boat rentals ranging from pontoon boats, fishing boats, and of course kayaks. Located right on the lake, you can take off on your kayak right away! Each rental comes equipped with life jackets and paddles as well.

What To Bring

Apart from the musts like lifejackets and paddles, there are some other priority items for your kayaking adventure! Fall brings cooler temperatures, so it’s important to wear clothes that will keep you warm. We recommend wetsuits if you plan on taking a dip!

Make sure to pack up any electronics and other necessities in a dry bag. Pack some sunscreen if it’s a sunny day and sunglasses too. Don’t forget to pack plenty of water and snacks as well! If you plan on being out on the water all day, it’s important to have plenty of energy and be hydrated.

What You’ll See

You’ll be certain to see the beautiful fall foliage while paddling along the waters. The leaves on the trees glow with an autumn gold hue and reflect off the lake perfectly. You’ll see a panoramic view of the Selkirk Mountains and so many more breathtaking sights in calm nature. From the Thorofare to Upper Priest Lake, keep your eyes peeled for ospreys above or fish cruising under you. Moose can occasionally be seen grazing on some grass by the shore.

Book Your Autumn Cabin at Elkins Resort

End your day kayaking on Priest Lake with a stay at Elkins Resort. Whether you are looking for a romantic couple’s retreat or space for a large family vacation, our Priest Lake cabins are just what you’ve been looking for. Mid-week is the best time to have the lake to yourself. Choose from 30 cedar cabins, ranging in size from studios to six bedrooms, each featuring the comforts of modern amenities and beautiful views of Northern Idaho. So, what are you waiting for? Book your fall vacation with Elkins Resort today!