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Why We Love Winter Weddings at Priest Lake

Winter weddings at Priest Lake are the best! The winter season can often have a bad reputation for weddings. But we think it’s time to change the narrative! After hosting weddings for over 30 years, here at Elkins Resort, we have seen our fair share of weddings. And for that reason, we think there are many reasons to love winter weddings at Priest Lake.

For our complete guide to weddings at Elkins Resort, download our wedding evet PDF.

Beautiful backdrop

image of winter wedding at priest lake

Imagine a powdery-white backdrop with evergreens whispering in the wind and snow-capped mountains. That’s what winter weddings at Priest Lake like. It can’t be denied that Elkins Resort sits amongst some of the most beautiful scenery Idaho has to offer. With our lakefront location in Reeder Bay, your wedding will be complete with the natural beauty of Priest Lake, the Selkirk Mountains, and undeniable sunsets. And with your winter wedding, you will walk away with beautiful winter photos, complete with snow-capped mountain peaks in the background.

Have your favorite comfort foods

Winter is the perfect time to justify a plate of all your favorite comfort foods. From house made, four cheese Mac and Cheese and scalloped potatoes to pot roast and filet mingon, winter is the time to indulge. No need to worry about menu, we have you covered at Elkins Resort! Our award-winning food staff will prepare catered meals for your wedding, rehearsal dinner or even your breakfast for the morning after. Our staff can accommodate small to large groups. The dining staff is also equipped to handle special dietary requests and offer seasonal specials for the freshest tasting meals.

Fun with winter décor

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Some say it’s all in the details. Think cozy accents like a warming fireplace, faux fur, glittery metallics, and seasonal foliage like evergreens and pines. Winter is the perfect time to capture all that you enjoy about the season, no matter how small the detail.

Even down to the tiniest details, Elkins Resort is here to help. When you book The Lodge, there are numerous services and support from our staff to help make sure every little detail is taken care of. Not only does our lodge come with buffet tables, beverage and cake tables, but settings are also complete with white linens for a classic, clean look. View here for our full list of services

Ceremony options

image of winter weddings at priest lake

Believe it or not, here at Elkins Resort we offer both indoor and outdoor ceremony options in the winter. If you don’t want to risk a ceremony outside during the winter, we have indoor options that still capture the essence of the season. Complete with a fireplace, our lodge is the perfect cozy setting your winter wedding at Priest Lake.

Venue discount

One of the benefits of a winter wedding is the possible discounts venues will provide. Lodge fees and catering minimums are lower from December through April.  Elkins Resort also offers reduced lodging rates when you book a wedding with us in the cooler months. Our property consists of 30 individual cabins and a meeting capacity of 200 people.

Let Elkins Resort be your choice when it comes to winter weddings at Priest Lake!

Be sure to download our complete wedding guide here to learn more about our services and pricing.