summer sunset over Priest Lake in Idaho
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Where to View Wildlife at Priest Lake

When vacationing in Priest Lake, you’re right in the middle of an oasis of mountain and lake views. Within this scenery, wildlife flourishes. Idaho is home to an abundance of unique animals, birds, and aquatic life. Where to view wildlife at Priest Lake is honestly all around, you just need to be looking in the right spots!

Bismark Meadows

Thanks to the Vital Grounds Foundation, Bismark Meadows runs as a wildlife conservation center working to protect grizzly bears and educate visitors on the importance of habitat protection. This nature preserve is an optimal place to spot its 50 resident grizzly bears, along with wolves and moose. The habitat stretches out 1,000 acres and is centered right in the Selkirk Mountains.

Huff Lake Interpretive Site

Huff Lake Interpretive Site is a unique spot to view wildlife! The valley area is known as a “peat bog,” meaning large land formations develop within waterlogged areas. The site is home to many loons, ducks, and beavers. You can explore the area on their boardwalk trail and a viewing deck is available to observe the wildlife.

Priest Lake Basin

After spotting the larger animals and feathered residents of the area, the smaller fauna can be spotted around Priest Lake Basin. Raccoons, skunks, beavers, and otters scurry around this habitat. As cute as these furry residents may be, it is always best to keep your distance when saying hi! This is also another great spot to see birds such as wild turkeys and ducks flying by.

Thorofare to Upper Priest Lake

If you’re venturing out on Priest Lake by boat, the Thorofare is a location perfect to see more waterfowl gliding along the water and catch sight of bald eagles flying through the forested scenery. You will most likely get a good view of ospreys and ducks while kayaking or canoeing. Moose are known to frequent the area from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled!

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