View of Priest Lake near Elkins Resort
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Top Five Picture-Worthy Spots in Priest Lake

When you first step foot in Priest Lake, you’re greeted by one of the unique northwest areas. The Selkirk Mountains surround the large body of water, old-growth forests, and even tucked-away waterfalls. The lake’s sights are never-ending, and you may feel the desire to snap pictures of everything. If you’re looking for some good photo ops that will make your friends at home envious, discover the most picture-worthy spots in Priest Lake!

Roosevelt Grove of Ancient Cedars

When visiting Priest Lake, you can explore an area that takes you back to an ancient time. Roosevelt Grove is home to towering cedar trees dating back 2000 years ago! The magnitude of the cedars’ greatness can almost take your breath away once seeing them.

Granite Falls

Not only is Roosevelt Grove home to beautiful sights of ancient cedar trees, but you can also discover the beauty of Granite Falls. The roaring sound of the water descending from the rock formations pulls you in when accessing the Lower Granite Creek Falls. Look up and snap a terrific picture of the cascading water!

Kalispell Island

Kalispell Island centers you into a gorgeous panoramic view of Priest Lake. Once you dock your boat, crystal clear waters, sandy shores, and the Selkirk Mountains in the distance surround you. Venture further into the island and snap a photo of the vibrant greenery blooming from the vast trees.

Lakeview Mountain

Lakeview Mountain lives up to its name with the gorgeous sights you’re rewarded with as you hike up the trail. Snap pictures of the surrounding Idaho beauty, such as the neighboring mountains, Douglas Firs, and the glassy reflection of Priest Lake.

Reeder Bay Shore

Reeder Bay is nestled in the northwestern area of Priest Lake, and Elkins Resort sits right on the shore! Walk along the boat dock and capture the beauty of Idaho’s crowned jewels like the Selkirk Mountain Range and, of course, Priest Lake. Get your camera ready while the sun sets behind the mountains; it’s a sight you’ll never want to forget!

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