View of mountain range from atop a mountain.
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Put some spring in your step

Spring into fun at the resort with our favorite in-season season activities: Mountain biking and hiking!

Though we think there’s no wrong season to visit Elkins Resort as there’s always some fun adventure waiting here, there is something special about spring and the fresh possibilities it brings! The warmer weather lures you outside and it’s the perfect time to indulge in the spring things to do around Priest Lake.

mountain biker

Mountain biking

We’re fortunate to have such a great location for mountain biking where you can pretty much step outside your cabin and be ready to hit the trails! For mountain biking enthusiasts, be sure to check out these popular trails this spring or well into the summer for an awesome biking adventure near Priest Lake:

Upper Priest Lake #291 – This trail is ideal for the family bikers with a lot of photo opps and places to stop and stretch.   Along the trail there is an old trappers cabin, beaver ponds, abundant wildlife and scenic views.  It is an easy 3 miles each way.

Chipmunk Rapids Trail #192 – This intermediate biking trail uses an old road system so it’s plenty wide and open for bikers but you’ll definitely want to keep your eyes open for deer and moose that may also be crossing or using the trail. You’ll see the Kaniksu Marsh, Priest River, and Chipmunk Rapids during your ride and you can extend your adventure by riding along road 2244A (though note that that road is still used by motor vehicles).

Continental Creek Trail #28 – One of the most used and scenic trails in the region, this difficult trail offers switchbacks, river crossings, and steep climbs. The views along the way are worth it as they’re comprised of wild berries, waterfalls, and rivers. Please use caution on this trail as certain sections near the falls lack tread.

Lakeshore Trail #294 – This trail is another popular one but designated as easy! Delight in the lake views, fun terrain, and places to stop for a break or to sit by the beach.

Navigation Trail #291 – This excellent and easy trail is great for bikers looking for valley terrain and amazing views and sights. Along the trail you’ll pass an old trapper’s cabin, beaver ponds, and other wildlife viewing spots.

Upper Priest Lake Trail #302 – This trail, also popular with hikers, is an easy ride with plenty of cover from the trees for the first few miles. Two fun sights on your ride include an old mine shaft and Coolin’s cabin.   It is worth the drive to get to this trail.

Purple wildflowers


In late spring or early summer, hiking is a wonderful way to spend the morning here as you take in some fresh air and stop and smell the wildflowers! June is a good bet for amazing wildflower hikes in our area and there are two top trails for wildflower hikes in Northern Idaho:

Granite Falls Trail #301 – This trailhead actually has two trails, one that spans 365 ft. to a viewpoint of the Lower Granit Creek Falls and the other is a moderate one-mile loop with views of the Upper and Lower Granite Creek Falls as well as a dazzling array of wildflowers on the forest floor. Hikers also enjoy this trail thanks to the shade from the almost 3,000-year-old cedar trails!

Lost Lake and Mineral Points, Trails 81 and 82 – These two trails in the Idaho Panhandle National Forests are perfect for wildflower viewing. Lost Lake is a 1.7-mile loop and Mineral Point is about 5.6 miles one-way but classified as easy and is quite popular for the flowers you’ll see along the way.

Some of the flowers you’ll most likely see on your hike:

  • Nootka rose
  • Orchids
  • Wild strawberry
  • Wild buckwheat
  • Wild ginger
  • Violets
  • Lupine
  • Mariposa lily
  • Queen’s cup beadlily
  • Orange honeysuckle