Low angle view of a mountain bike wheel in action. Dirt track with a lot of flying gravel.
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Our Favorite Priest Lake Mountain Biking Trails

If you’re an avid mountain biking enthusiast seeking the perfect blend of adventure and natural beauty, look no further than the Priest Lake mountain biking trails. This hidden gem offers a range of exhilarating trails that promise to take your biking experience to new heights.

Lakeside Tranquility on Lakeshore Trail #294

Imagine pedaling along the shoreline of Upper Priest Lake, with the crystal-clear water just a stone’s throw away. Lakeshore Trail #294 offers precisely that experience. As you navigate this picturesque trail, you’ll be treated to stunning lake vistas, serene forested stretches, and a feeling of oneness with nature. This beginner-friendly trail is the ideal choice for those seeking a leisurely ride with plenty of breathtaking views.

Navigating Adventure: Navigation Trail #291

For riders hungry for a more challenging adventure, Navigation Trail #291 beckons. This intermediate trail offers a perfect blend of technical sections, exhilarating descents, and heart-pounding climbs. As you weave through the dense forest and conquer the twists and turns, the sheer joy of navigating this trail will leave you with an unforgettable rush of adrenaline.

Trapper Creek Expedition

Prepare to embark on an expedition like no other as you delve into the mysteries of Trapper Creek. This trail leads you through diverse landscapes, from lush woodlands to rocky terrain, creating a unique biking experience. Trapper Creek offers a taste of the untamed wilderness, where every turn presents an opportunity for discovery and adventure.

Unearthing History on Woodrat Mine Trail

Are you ready to combine biking with a touch of history? Woodrat Mine Trail allows you to do just that. This trail winds through areas that were once bustling with mining activity, offering glimpses into the past while you conquer the challenging terrain. As you pedal along, you’ll find yourself surrounded by remnants of the Woodrat Mine’s glory days, adding a layer of historical intrigue to your biking journey.

So, saddle up, gear up, and get ready to experience the heart-pounding excitement and natural wonders that the Priest Lake mountain biking trails have to offer. It’s time to embark on an unforgettable journey through breathtaking landscapes and exhilarating paths. Your next biking adventure awaits!

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