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Four tips “fore” a great golf game at Priest Lake

Priest Lake, ID Activities

Checking out golf courses in Northern Idaho to improve your golf game? Elkins Resort is just 15 minutes from the 18-hole Priest Lake Golf Course. Apply these tips from golf teacher Michael Jacobs to hit the course more prepared and with a refreshed technique.

They are as easy as one, two, three and “fore!”


It’s back to basics to start with a focus on one of the fundamentals of golf: Your grip. Your grip will impact your game and it might be time to try a tip from golf teacher Michael Jacobs. Jacobs recommends holding the club in your left hand like it’s a suitcase where it rests in the creases where your fingers meet your palm. Put your right hand on the handle with your fingers curled on the underside. Your right hand’s pinkie could lie on the left forefinger or between the forefinger and middle finger.

Use technology

Golf may be an older game but it’s definitely received some enhancements over the years with club and ball technological enhancements but another technological device you shouldn’t be afraid to bring out on the green is a golf rangefinder! Today’s rangefinders can measure your distance and the incline of the green to make sure you’re using enough power and the right club for your swing.



With your putting, follow the advice of Dave Stockton and aim to roll the ball and not hit it. Keep your stance nice and open with your weigh favoring your left side just a bit and keep the putter head close to the ground. Then, focus on a spot just in front of the ball and aim to roll the ball over your focal point.

Power and swing

Put some power back in your swing by using your hips instead of using your arms and shoulders. By using your hips during your downswing you could get 10 or more yards added to your distance. Start your swing by turning your hips to the left, like they’re leading your upper body and then follow through with your arms and shoulders.

Book your tee time in advance, after booking your cabin at Elkins Resort of course, by calling 208-443-2525 or learn more about the course online.  The course is a quick 15-minute drive from Elkins Resort.