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Fall Hiking at Priest Lake

For those of you who love the outdoors, there is no better place than Priest Lake. Explore dynamic terrain beside the lake or along the Selkirk Mountain range and surrounding hills and trails. If you are into hiking, the fall is a great time to get out and have an adventure in nature. Witness the landscape turn into a canvas of color as the fall leaves make their change in early October.

Fall Colors with Chimney Rock 006 copy

There is no other way to experience the natural beauty of the area than to submerse yourself in it. Priest Lake takes on a new look from 2,500 feet and allows you to take in all that the area has to offer. Other attractions such as the Upper Priest Falls can only be seen by hiking a 2.3 mile trail. But what makes the destination even more unforgettable will be the nature and wildlife that you experience along the way.Something about the fall air will leave you feeling refreshed. Whether you are a veteran hiker and like the challenging switchbacks or you are just starting out, Priest Lake has a trail for you. It’s said that hiking is a risk reward sport, the harder you push yourself the better the view. While there is some truth to that statement, Priest Lake will leave you breathless wherever you go.