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Expert advice for fall mountain biking

Mountain biking is a great way to explore the area around Priest Lake but fall can bring seasonal challenges and different weather patterns. Check out our advice for a great ride as the seasons change.

Fall biking tips

  • Lookout for leaves: Many bikers enjoy the technical aspects of mountain biking and leaves in the fall throw in a new element to watch out for. Navigate leaves with the rear wheel as your front wheel won’t provide much traction, especially in wet leaves. Use controlled braking and skidding to ride over clumpy wet leaves and if you feel like you’re about to tip, try and stay straight as much as possible until you can come to a complete stop.
  • Wear layered clothing: When the temperatures start to drop we tend to bundle up before heading outside but with physical activity, that can sometimes hinder your performance – especially if you’re using bulky layers. Opt for a lightweight jacket or windbreaker and dress in light layers that you can peel off as you warm up. You could also opt for a long-sleeved workout shirt with a vest on top to keep your core warm but free up your arms. With the fall weather, swap out your shorts for capris or breathable tights. You might also want a lightweight headband or thin skullcap for under your helmet.
  • Invest in bike gloves or mittens: Mountain biking can already be a challenge, don’t add to it by having fingers so cold you can’t shift gears. Get some biking gloves or mittens that are flexible so you can shift but also keeps your fingers nice and warm.
  • Wear glasses: During the summer, you’re taking sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun but in the fall you might want to switch to cycling glasses or wraparound frames to protect your eyes from the cold wind.
  • Have reflectors: Fall is a prime time for hunting and with biking’s sudden movements, it could pose a risk that we don’t need to take. Wear reflective or bright–colored gear to alert hunters to your presence.
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Tips for avoiding injuries this fall:

  • Stretch: Like any physical activity, it’s important to go into it with warmed up muscles! Spend some time stretching before hitting the trails. Flexibility and core strength is important for mountain biking, so be sure to stretch again once you’re off your bike.
  • Plan your route: Knowing what trail you’re going to ride and its expected level of difficulty can help you be better prepared to tackle the trail and its challenges. Make a plan of what trail you want to ride before you head out.
  • Check your bike: Do a check of your bike to make sure your brakes are working, your tires are full, and everything’s in good working condition.
  • Wear a helmet: Keep your head protected during your ride!
  • Stay hydrated: You might not feel like you’re working up a sweat as much as you do in the summer but it’s still important that you stay hydrated during your ride.

Find great biking trails near Elkins Resort in the Idaho Panhandle National Forests.

After a day of great riding on the surrounding trails near Priest Lake, return to your cozy cabin to relax and spend time with your friends or family!