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Eight Reasons Why We Love Winter Weddings in Idaho

Planning a wedding and can’t decide when to schedule the special day? Of course, popular times to hold your wedding are during the spring and fall months but have you thought about the winter season? We think the winter season is one of the best times to host your wedding and here are our reasons why:

1.Winter white wedding

Winter time conjures up thoughts and feelings of warm and cozy evenings and of course lightly snowcapped trees. If you are lucky enough to get a dusting of snow on or around your wedding day, the winter white wonderland can create the most beautiful backdrop for your special day.

2. Make your money go further

Typically, winter is the off season in most places, so there are typically great deals you might come across that will stretch your dollar even further. We here at Elkins Resort offer discounted rates on our cabins and wedding venue fee from December through April, so if you are thinking about having a winter wedding, be sure to contact us for special deals!

3. Unique wedding

While most think of a spring or summer wedding, having a winter wedding will make your special day that much more unique simply because you are having it during the winter. Winter weddings lend themselves to smaller more intimate affairs with a cozy romantic atmosphere.

4. Better attendance

For those who have tried to organize an event in the summer months, knows that for each person who attends there are ten more that are on their annual vacation from life. When planning a winter wedding, you are much more likely to have all your friends and family able to attend and celebrate with you.

5. Comfort food

Winter time conjures up notions of warm bread, hot soups, and mac n’ cheese. A winter wedding is the perfect excuse to offer up and take part in a menu full of your favorite comfort foods. All wedding menus at Elkins are customized to your tastes and budget. So, don’t be shy and add your favorite comfort foods to the menu, everyone will be glad you did!

6. Warm weather honeymoon

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a winter wonderland wedding and then afterwards head south for warmer days in the tropics for a honeymoon filled with endless days on the beach and sipping a piña colada. Avoid the hurricane season and the crowd in the tropics by having your wedding and honeymoon during the winter months.

7. Romantic setting

Simply put, the ambiance is much more romantic in the winter than any other season. With thoughts of cozying up with the one you love makes this season the best time to celebrate your romance. Let mother nature strike up the most romantic setting with glistening snow, exposed trees and temperatures that bring everyone closer together. And as an added bonus the lodgeis already decked out for the holidays so a lot of the decorating is already taken care of for you!

8. Winter fashion

Who says your wedding day isn’t also a fashion show? With all eyes on you, winter brides and grooms get the opportunity to dress as their most fashionable self. Winter brings lavish faux furs, muffs, knit sweaters, gloves, and stylish hats that will make you feel like a king and queen.