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Eco-friendly Travel Tips

With most of us trying to make eco-friendly choices in our everyday life it makes sense that you want to make environmentally conscious choices while traveling. Read further for some helpful eco-friendly travel tips that will make you feel better about the choices you make.

Bag the plastic bag

Avoid using plastic bags when you shop at the local market or art show on your vacation by bringing your own reusable bag. There are plenty of packable re-useable bags to choose from that won’t take up a lot of room.

Eat and drink locally

Support local establishments by drinking and eating locally. By keeping it local you also decrease the carbon footprint of your drink or food choice. So, when ordering a beer keep it local and when sampling cuisine, stay close by.

Pack light

If hopping on a plane, consider packing as light as you can. Weight matters when it comes to flying planes, the more weight the more carbon emissions the plane produces. So only pack what you absolutely need!

Use public transportation

If public transportation is available to you during your travels, take advantage and use local modes of transportation. This way you are not creating any additional carbon emissions from private transport.

Home away from home

Treat your stay at a hotel as if you were at home. Avoid requesting fresh towels when not necessary, turn off lights and T.V. when leaving the room, and keep your showers short. One of the many ways in which Elkins Resort works hard to be green is by providing clean towels for your entire stay, not daily.

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Stay the course

Wherever your adventures may take you, be sure to stay the course by sticking to the trails. Hiking along the designated trails helps preserve the area. Deviating from the trail could mean you trample on protected or endangered plants.   Priest Lake has endless trails for you to explore.  The Kaniksu National Forest creates amazing clean air to breathe.

Avoid bottled water

Try to avoid buying bottled water during your vacation. Plastic bottles account for most of the earth’s waste, don’t contribute to the problem. Pack a water bottle so you can re-fill without having to buy bottles of water.  The water at Priest Lake is still some of the cleanest in the world.  Residents always fill their water bottles before leaving the area with clean great tasting tap water.

image of Cabin 19 at Elkins Resort
Cabin 19 Living Room

Priest Lake lodging

When choosing your Priest Lake lodging consider Elkins Resort for your eco-friendly vacation. When you stay at Elkins Resort you can rest assured that you are doing all you can to reduce your carbon-footprint and feel good about your choice to be environmentally conscious.

Our accommodations offer the best option for your eco-friendly travels, allowing you to get back to the basics and reconnect to nature. Book your stay with Elkins Resort and enjoy the beauty of Priest Lake while helping to protect all of the wonderful things Mother Nature has to offer.   Elkins Resort’s cabins are original to the resort, opened in 1932.