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A disconnected getaway at Priest Lake

Whether you call it a tech-free vacation or a digital detox, we all could use some time that’s unplugged to just unwind and relax. Before the rush of the holiday season, enjoy a little disconnected, and quiet, time at Elkins Resort on Priest Lake with these activities and ideas.

Reconnect with nature on a hike

Bundle up for your hike, if the trails are clear, and enjoy the great outdoors and trail systems surrounding Priest Lake.

Have happy hour without Instagramming it

Head into Trapper Creek Lounge for spiked hot chocolate or a delicious hot toddy! Enjoy some quality time with your travel companion over quality drinks at the bar.

Couple Sitting on Snowmobile


Take advantage of one of the most popular winter activities around Priest Lake with a snowmobiling adventure! Though you should pack a phone in case of an emergency, try not to be tempted to share your day online and make some memories that are just yours.

Get cozy around the fireplace

Book a cabin with a fireplace and enjoy some quiet time with a good book or good conversation with your partner or friends and family.

Create something in the kitchen

Make use of your cabin’s kitchen and bake some warm treats and goodies! Stick with classic and easy recipes or try your hand at creating something new without relying on recipe websites – who knows what you might come up with!

Dog playing in the snow

Uninterrupted play time

Bring some toys for your furry friend and play with them without being distracted by incoming texts or emails. We bet they’d also love to have a nice, long walk around the property with you!

Kick back with a pizza

Kick it old school and bring a favorite board game or deck of cards and grab a pizza and bottle of wine and have a relaxed date night inside your cabin. We also have board games available for rent at the front desk.


If the weather is cooperating and the trails are clear, head up into the mountains with a morning or afternoon of mountain biking!

Cross country skiers

Nordic sports

If Priest Lake is already sprinkled with snow you can still get outside and enjoy some outdoor recreation with a variety of Nordic sports. If you wanted to go on a hike, strap on a pair of snowshoes and you can still hit the trails! If you’re looking for more of a challenge, try cross-country skiing. During the winter months, the Priest Lake Golf Course hosts winter sports on its grounds with groomed trails.

Ready to recharge your batteries without draining your smartphone’s? Start your tech-free getaway by finding the perfect cabin at Elkins Resort on Priest Lake!