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5 Reasons to Love Priest Lake in the Winter

There are many reasons to love Priest Lake year-round, but winter brings about a special time of year to enjoy Idaho’s crown jewel. Discover why so many people love Priest Lake in the winter, just as much as they do in the summer with our top five reasons below to visit this winter season.

Snowmobiling heaven

One of the more popular reasons to love Priest Lake in the winter is the area’s 400 miles of groomed trails for snowmobiling. Seek out mountain-top views and a picturesque winter wonderland as you ride through the trails of the Selkirk mountains.

snowmobiling at priest lake

Read here for tips on snowmobiling at Priest Lake.

Beyond snowmobiling at Priest Lake, winter brings about several other winter activities including snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Beautiful landscape

winter scen priest lake

There is no denying the beauty of Priest Lake, but its landscape takes on an entirely new form during the winter. Think Ansel Adams with the snow-covered peaks of the Selkirk mountains and the beauty of Priest Lake, surrounded by snow-drenched trees for one of the most beautiful winter wonderland landscapes.

Visit frozen falls

Winter in Northern Idaho is a great time to see the landscape in a different light. One such way is seeing frozen waterfalls. Priest Lake is home to several waterfalls that are beautiful to visit in the spring and summer but take on a whole new look in the winter. Snowmobile to Granite and Packer Falls, just north of Elkins Resort.

Cabin rentals at Priest Lake

elkins resort cabins in winter

As a winter enthusiast’s paradise, Elkins Resort offers access to two trailheads that provide access far and wide over the Selkirk Mountain Range. Step out the front door of your cabin and access some of North Idaho’s most pristine winter landscapes with hundreds of miles of snow-packed trails that climb up mountain tops as high as 7,000 feet.

Enjoy the best of winter at Priest Lake with one of our cozy cabin rentals at Elkins Resort. Our comfortable lodging options are open year-round and make an excellent choice for staying warm this winter. Our cabin rentals are nestled in the forest, overlooking beautiful Priest Lake. Each offers convenient amenities, including fully equipped kitchens, bed linens, and most importantly, electric heat to keep you warm! With most cabins offering warm cozy fireplaces, you won’t want to be anywhere else this winter!