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  • Fall Hiking at Priest Lake

    For those of you who love the outdoors, there is no better place than Priest Lake. Explore dynamic terrain beside the lake or along the Selkirk Mountain range and surrounding hills and trails. If you are into hiking, the fall is a great time to get out and have an[…]

  • Golfing at Priest Lake

    For golfers, one of the allures to the sport is the ability to get away from everyday life and enjoy the natural beauty. Priest Lake Golf Course offers just that. If you have ever been to Priest Lake in Northern Idaho, it is hard to imagine anywhere more beautiful. Nestled[…]

  • Snowmobiling on Priest Lake

    For snowmobiling, few areas compete with the Pacific Northwest in quality of trails, number of options, and picturesque mountains. Elkins Resort situated next to Priest Lake and the Selkirk Mountain range offers more terrain than any snowmobiler can imagine accomplishing in one stay. With more than 400 miles of scenic[…]

  • Winter Time at Elkins Resort

    Winter time at Elkins Resort in Priest Lake is truly a magical time of the year. A thick blanket of snow covers the landscape turning it into a completely different place. Even though things quiet down this time of year doesn’t mean there is less to do. Elkins Resort is[…]

  • Top 3 Reasons to Start Golfing

    Golf is one of the oldest sports dating back to the late 1200’s. Today, millions of people enjoy the game but if you’re new to the idea or just starting out, you should know the benefits of playing this great sport. Here are 3 top reasons why you should play[…]

  • Winter Events at Priest Lake

    The long winter months bring a thick blanket of snow to Elkin’s Resort in beautiful Idaho. During this time of the year you will find many events taking place that are unique to the Priest Lake area. One of the largest events is the Snowfest Nordic and Snowshoe Race. This[…]