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Our Favorite Things to do at Priest Lake

With the beautiful Selkirk mountains, miles of trails, and gold medal waters for fishing, there is much to see and do at Priest Lake, Idaho. Discover our favorite things to do at Priest Lake and start planning your getaway today!

Things to do in the spring and summer

Spring, and especially summer, are the most popular times to visit Priest Lake. From fishing to hiking, there is something to do on or off the water.

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5 Fun Facts About Priest Lake Fishing

There’s no debate, fishing is one of the most popular activities at Priest Lake in northern Idaho. With pristine waters and beautiful mountain scenery to complement, it’s easy to see why thousands of visitors come every year to fish these waters. Whether you’re new to fishing at Priest Lake or you’re a seasoned angler, here are some fun facts about Priest Lake fishing that you may not know!

About Priest Lake fishing

Priest Lake offers 40 square miles of “lucky fishing spots” with several locations to cast in a line.

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Cool off this Summer with these Priest Lake Water Activities

Summer is just around the corner which means fun on the water at Priest Lake. As Idaho’s Crown Jewel, Priest Lake is the hub of all the summer fun in the area. Start your summer off right with these Priest Lake water activities.

About Priest Lake

Priest Lake runs 19 miles long, offering nearly 80 miles of shoreline and plenty of room for all types of water activities. Just imagine spending an early morning canoeing on glassy Priest Lake or water skiing with the summer sunrise.

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Your Guide to Visiting the Crown Jewel of Idaho

Known as the Crown Jewel of Idaho, Priest Lake is a year-round destination for families and adventure seekers alike. Coupled with its superior landscape and variety of outdoor activities, Priest Lake is a memorable experience for anyone who visits. From fishing and hiking to snowmobiling and cozy year-round cabins, discover our guide to visiting the Crown Jewel of Idaho.

Seasonal guide

In the spring and summer

image of priest lake

During the spring and summer,

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5 Reasons to Hold Your Family Reunion at Priest Lake

When planning a family reunion, it’s important to choose a place that offers a wide variety of activities, space for the entire family, a beautiful landscape, and plenty of amenities to make your event the best it can be. Find all of that and more at Priest Lake in Idaho. Discover why you should hold your family reunion at Priest Lake and start planning your event today!

Beautiful landscape

image of priest lakeAerial view of Priest Lake….
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Why We Love Winter Weddings at Priest Lake

Winter weddings at Priest Lake are the best! The winter season can often have a bad reputation for weddings. But we think it’s time to change the narrative! After hosting weddings for over 30 years, here at Elkins Resort, we have seen our fair share of weddings. And for that reason, we think there are many reasons to love winter weddings at Priest Lake.

For our complete guide to weddings at Elkins Resort,

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Snowmobiling Basics at Priest Lake

Elkins Resort offers hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobile trails right outside the comfort of your cabin door! Snowmobiling is a fun and exhilarating way to experience the beauty of the Selkirk Mountains during winter, and our nearby trails lead through old-growth forests to the windswept ridges of 7,000-foot mountain passes.

But before you head out on your journey, make sure you know the snowmobiling basics at Priest Lake! If you’re ready to leave the comfort of your warm cabin,

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5 Reasons to Love Priest Lake in the Winter

There are many reasons to love Priest Lake year-round, but winter brings about a special time of year to enjoy Idaho’s crown jewel. Discover why so many people love Priest Lake in the winter, just as much as they do in the summer with our top five reasons below to visit this winter season.

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Snowmobiling heaven

One of the more popular reasons to love Priest Lake in the winter is the area’s 400 miles of groomed trails for snowmobiling.

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