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Top Hiking Trails Near Priest Lake

Priest Lake is a true hikers paradise. From deep cedar forests to panoramic views of the mountains and lake, there is something unique to discover on all hiking trails near Priest Lake. Whether you stick to a leisurely hike around the lake or get your heart pumping up high in the Selkirk mountains, there are beautiful views to be seen.

Discover these top hiking trails near Priest Lake during your stay at Elkins Resort.

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Wedding Proposal Ideas

Love is always in the air here at Elkins Resort on Priest Lake. If you’re thinking of popping the big question, impress your significant other with these 5 fun and unique wedding proposal ideas.

Scavenger hunt

Come up with a few places that are meaningful to your relationship and send your partner to visit them, it’s even more fun if they include a few friends or family members. Add in a salon appointment or a massage to help make the day relaxing,

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Best Fishing Spots in Northern Idaho

Idaho is the ultimate playground for any outdoor enthusiast, especially for both the novice and expert angler. Northern Idaho, in particular, is an angler’s paradise. Various lakes and rivers from this region have produced some of the state’s biggest catches. Cast in your line and discover some of the best fishing spots in northern Idaho.

Clark Fork River

Spilling into Lake Pend Oreille, the Clark Fork River is a 15-mile long river that offers anglers a chance to catch rainbow trout,

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2019 Wedding Trends You Should Know

Planning your Priest Lake wedding for 2019?  As we look ahead to the new year, these are our favorite 2019 wedding trends we’re loving for making your special day unforgettable.

Back to the basics

For those who like to keep it simple, 2019 is the year for you! 2019 ushers in the return of the classic wedding dress, with simple designs and elegant styles. For this style, tailoring is key and finding the right silhouette for your body.

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How to Spend the Holidays at Priest Lake

Enjoy a relaxing holiday vacation at Priest Lake by staying at Elkins Resort. Take part in outdoor winter activities, holiday events, and enjoy warm drinks to sip by the fire. Celebrate with Elkins Resort on Priest Lake and escape to your own winter wonderland this holiday season.

Dining at Priest Lake

Our own Trapper Creek Lounge will be offering crafty libations this holiday season with their spiked hot chocolate and hot toddies,

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Eco-friendly Travel Tips

With most of us trying to make eco-friendly choices in our everyday life it makes sense that you want to make environmentally conscious choices while traveling. Read further for some helpful eco-friendly travel tips that will make you feel better about the choices you make.

Bag the plastic bag

Avoid using plastic bags when you shop at the local market or art show on your vacation by bringing your own reusable bag.

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Tips for Fishing at Priest Lake

image of pontoon boat at Priest Lake

Come to catch “the big one” at Priest Lake. Whether you are a novice fisher who just wants to spend a lazy Saturday casting in a line or a master fisherman looking to catch that prize-winning trout, fishing at Priest Lake is great for all skill levels.

Guests of Elkins Resort enjoy easy access to Priest Lake with its 40 square miles of “lucky fishing spots”. Offering boat slip rentals, Elkins Resort makes it easy for those who want to bring their own fishing boat or rentals are available for a half or full day.

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6 Reasons to have your Winter Wedding at Priest Lake

Planning a winter wedding at Priest Lake? With over 25 years of experience in planning and creating beautiful weddings, Elkins Resort is your best choice when it comes to making your day truly memorable. Here are six reasons why we think you should have your winter wedding at Priest Lake at Elkins Resort.

For our complete guide to weddings at Elkins Resort, download our wedding evet PDF.

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