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Snowmobiling Basics

Elkins Resort offers hundreds of miles of groomed snowmobile trails right outside the comfort of your cabin door! Snowmobiling is a fun and exhilarating way to experience the beauty of the Selkirk Mountains during winter, and our nearby trails lead through old-growth forests to the windswept ridges of 7,000 foot mountain passes.

But before you head out on your journey, make sure you know the basics! If you’re ready to leave the comfort of your warm cabin,

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A winter wonderland at Priest Lake

Go walking in a winter wonderland this season with the snowy activities at Priest Lake! There’s never a bad time to visit Priest Lake and have an amazing outdoor adventure – especially when you can fill your days with these activities and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains and snow-covered trees!

Hiking or snowshoeing

Put on your sturdiest pair of winter boots or pop on your snowshoes for a nice hike around Priest Lake in the snow!

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A disconnected getaway at Priest Lake

Whether you call it a tech-free vacation or a digital detox, we all could use some time that’s unplugged to just unwind and relax. Before the rush of the holiday season, enjoy a little disconnected, and quiet, time at Elkins Resort on Priest Lake with these activities and ideas.

Reconnect with nature on a hike

Bundle up for your hike, if the trails are clear, and enjoy the great outdoors and trail systems surrounding Priest Lake.

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10 tips for a dog-friendly wedding

You want all your loved ones surrounding you and your future spouse on your big day and sometimes that includes the canine variety! Thinking of having your four-legged best friend in on the biggest day of your life? Check out these 10 tips for a dog-friendly wedding!

bridesmaids scratching dog's head

1. Assess your dog’s personality

Of course you love your pet but if they’re the type that gets shy or nervous around big crowds of people,

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Expert advice for fall mountain biking

Mountain biking is a great way to explore the area around Priest Lake but fall can bring seasonal challenges and different weather patterns. Check out our advice for a great ride as the seasons change.

Fall biking tips

  • Lookout for leaves: Many bikers enjoy the technical aspects of mountain biking and leaves in the fall throw in a new element to watch out for. Navigate leaves with the rear wheel as your front wheel won’t provide much traction,

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Hiking for beginners

Thinking of coming to Northern Idaho in October to see the gorgeous fall foliage? While there are some great scenic drives to take in the scenery, we think hiking is one of the best ways to see the colors and get some amazing photos. If you’re still a beginner hiker, we’ve compiled some tips on hiking basics and etiquette so you can hit the trails like a pro!

Follow the seven principles of The Leave No Trace program

Minimize your impact on the trails and natural ecosystems by following the guidelines of this earth-friendly program.

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Watch the Perseids at Priest Lake

Stargazing is a favorite nighttime activity around here but even more special next month with the annual Perseid meteor shower! Though the shower technically starts in mid-July and ends in late August, the peak viewing opportunities are on August 12 and 13.

The best time to see the meteors, you’ll typically see about 80 per hour though last year the rate was a bit higher with 150 – 200 meteors an hour,

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Make a splash at Priest Lake

Looking for water-based fun this summer? Check out all the activities you can enjoy on Priest Lake!

Start planning your summer lake vacation by finding the perfect cabin at Elkins Resort!

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