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6 Reasons to have your Winter Wedding at Priest Lake

Planning a winter wedding at Priest Lake? With over 25 years of experience in planning and creating beautiful weddings, Elkins Resort is your best choice when it comes to making your day truly memorable. Here are six reasons why we think you should have your winter wedding at Priest Lake at Elkins Resort.

For our complete guide to weddings at Elkins Resort, download our wedding evet PDF.

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Traveling Green: Elkins Resort on Priest Lake

Turn your vacation into opportunities for positive change and enjoy peace of mind when booking your eco-friendly lodging on Priest Lake, Elkins Resort. Elkins Resort offers the eco-friendly traveler the chance to surround themselves in nature and truly get back to the basics of what Mother Nature can offer.

We here at Elkins also take pride in our various green initiatives such as keeping mostly natural landscaping on the resort, using lake water to water our grass,

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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner 101

Counting down the days until you get hitched? While we know the actual wedding is your focus, the rehearsal dinner is just as important, as it sets up the success of the weekend. Make sure your rehearsal dinner goes off without a hitch with our wedding rehearsal dinner guide!

Decide Who’s Hosting

First things first, decide who is hosting the dinner. Traditionally the bride’s family pays for the wedding and the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner,

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Spring into Fun at Priest Lake

Though we do love our winter activities around here, we must admit we’re excited about spring and all the fun things the new season brings! As Idaho’s “crown jewel”, Priest Lake is a great spot to enjoy the warmer months and soak up the sun on your next vacation. So, if you are looking for a few Priest Lake activities we have some that we think you will enjoy!


Hit the trails at Priest Lake and discover the beauty of Mother Nature.

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Eight Reasons Why We Love Winter Weddings in Idaho

Planning a wedding and can’t decide when to schedule the special day? Of course, popular times to hold your wedding are during the spring and fall months but have you thought about the winter season? We think the winter season is one of the best times to host your wedding and here are our reasons why:

1.Winter white wedding

Winter time conjures up thoughts and feelings of warm and cozy evenings and of course lightly snowcapped trees.

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A winter wonderland at Priest Lake

Go walking in a winter wonderland this season with the snowy activities at Priest Lake! There’s never a bad time to visit Priest Lake and have an amazing outdoor adventure – especially when you can fill your days with these activities and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding snow-capped mountains and snow-covered trees!

Hiking or snowshoeing

Put on your sturdiest pair of winter boots or pop on your snowshoes for a nice hike around Priest Lake in the snow!

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A disconnected getaway at Priest Lake

Whether you call it a tech-free vacation or a digital detox, we all could use some time that’s unplugged to just unwind and relax. Before the rush of the holiday season, enjoy a little disconnected, and quiet, time at Elkins Resort on Priest Lake with these activities and ideas.

Reconnect with nature on a hike

Bundle up for your hike, if the trails are clear, and enjoy the great outdoors and trail systems surrounding Priest Lake.

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10 tips for a dog-friendly wedding

You want all your loved ones surrounding you and your future spouse on your big day and sometimes that includes the canine variety! Thinking of having your four-legged best friend in on the biggest day of your life? Check out these 10 tips for a dog-friendly wedding!

bridesmaids scratching dog's head

1. Assess your dog’s personality

Of course you love your pet but if they’re the type that gets shy or nervous around big crowds of people,

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