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5 Must-Do Winter Trails near Priest Lake

Priest Lake is home to miles of splendid beauty in Idaho. Majestic mountains, countless towering alpine trees, a glistening lake, and other serene sights reside there. In the summer, you’re surrounded by this vibrant greenery when exploring, but as winter rolls around, the area glows as the snow begins to fall. The winter trails near Priest Lake make for exciting snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling adventures. So, get ready for a fantastic experience in the snow with the best winter trails during your Priest Lake winter getaway!

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How to Spend the Holiday Season on Priest Lake

The holiday season is here in Idaho! The area around Priest Lake transforms into a unique winter wonderland as the most wonderful time of the year approaches. Our small Selkirk Mountain town offers many fun opportunities for the family to guarantee an unforgettable time during the holidays. Dive into the holiday spirit and immerse yourself in a magical world this holiday season on Priest Lake!                          

A Holiday Snowshoe Hike

Strap on your snowshoes this holiday season and take on the snow surrounding the Selkirk Mountains!

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Top Five Picture-Worthy Spots in Priest Lake

When you first step foot in Priest Lake, you’re greeted by one of the unique northwest areas. The Selkirk Mountains surround the large body of water, old-growth forests, and even tucked-away waterfalls. The lake’s sights are never-ending, and you may feel the desire to snap pictures of everything. If you’re looking for some good photo ops that will make your friends at home envious, discover the most picture-worthy spots in Priest Lake!

Roosevelt Grove of Ancient Cedars

When visiting Priest Lake,

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Our Favorite Fall Cabin Rentals in Priest Lake

Autumn always brings fall colors, crisp weather, and fun times to Priest Lake. Many believe there isn’t much to do in the area as snowfall approaches, but fall in Idaho has much in store for those who visit! Summer crowds have died down, giving you an excellent opportunity to explore the Selkirk Mountain beauty at your leisure. Get ready to take it all in with our favorite fall cabin rentals in Priest Lake.

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Your Checklist for Kayaking in Priest Lake This Fall

As summer comes to a close in September, autumn in Priest Lake starts to bloom. Fall foliage can be seen all around the area and cooler weather makes it perfect to explore the beautiful nature, especially on the water. Kayaking on Priest Lake is a great way to surround yourself with the vast forestlands lining the mountains all while traveling along the glassy waters. The summer crowds are also gone, making it a more serene journey through the 25-mile-long lake.

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Five Reasons to Visit Priest Lake Labor Day Weekend

If your family is dreaming of an unforgettable holiday weekend, look no further than a trip to Idaho! The possibility of fun things to do on Priest Lake Labor Day weekend is almost endless. From a day on the lake to exploring the mountains, discover the must-do Labor Day fun in our lake community!


Get ready to hit the green this Labor Day Weekend! Priest Lake Golf Course is home to 18 holes surrounded by vibrantly green nature.

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Our Favorite Hiking Trails in Priest Lake

Hiking through the Selkirk Mountains is always a must-do when visiting. Endless amounts of greenery and wildlife surround you, and it’s all waiting for you in the many hiking trails within the rock formations. Discover our favorite hiking trails in Priest Lake for your next Idaho getaway.

Kalispell Island Trail

Looking for a hiking adventure after taking the boat on Priest Lake? We know a perfect spot for lacing up the hiking boots and exploring a unique area of the lake.

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Where to View Wildlife at Priest Lake

When vacationing in Priest Lake, you’re right in the middle of an oasis of mountain and lake views. Within this scenery, wildlife flourishes. Idaho is home to an abundance of unique animals, birds, and aquatic life. Where to view wildlife at Priest Lake is honestly all around, you just need to be looking in the right spots!

Bismark Meadows

Thanks to the Vital Grounds Foundation, Bismark Meadows runs as a wildlife conservation center working to protect grizzly bears and educate visitors on the importance of habitat protection.

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